It shouldn’t surprise me that I have awesome kids. I raised them, I know them, I live with them. I know they are amazing. But sometimes they still surprise me with their awesomeness.

I read Cole’s email today and I just cried. How is it that this kid can be so sweet, so thankful, so nice?

If you haven’t read it, you should take a minute and read his letter HERE.

See? It’s one to make a mother cry, right? He just floors me.

Anytime someone mentions missionaries, the kids turn to me and say, “Is that going to make you cry, mom?” No, you silly kids. I don’ t BREAK INTO TEARS every time someone mentions a missionary. I keep it together. Sure, I miss him and worry about him, but I don’t think about him being gone every single minute. But when he writes sweet stuff like that, yes, I cry. ARE YOU HAPPPY NOW, kids?

I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be a mother. These kids are such treasures, such blessings. They teach us so much about patience, giving of ourselves, and about getting along with people. We are supposed to be teaching them, and hopefully we do that.

You don’t get a lot of pay days as a parent, but sometimes you do, and it’s amazing.