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Lessons from the Bible

My little guy wanted to sit on my lap because he said his leg hurt. “Oh, I’m sorry your leg hurts,” I said.
We sat there for a minute while the girls got ready for school, and then he said, “Sitting on your lap made my leg not hurting anymore.”
“Oh, that’s great!” I said, relieved to have finally done something right in his eyes. He’s very critical and seems to always think he’s right and I’m wrong. “I used my ‘mommy powers’ to make you feel better.”
“Mom,” he said, “you don’t have powers. Jesus has powers.”
Well, I can’t argue with that one, because Jesus does indeed have powers.
“When the waves and wind are wild, then Jesus can say ‘peace be still’ and it will stop,” he said. I was impressed. Maybe they talked about this in Primary recently, because, I’m embarrassed to admit, I don’t think we have talked about this story at home recently.
“That’s right. Jesus calmed the wind and the waves,” I said. Not wanting to let this ‘mommy power’ thing go, I added, “I wonder if you are wild and crazy if I can say ‘peace be still’ and then YOU will calm down?”
“No,” he said, “only Jesus can do it.”

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  1. So cute and so insightful!

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