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Award-Winning Kids

Megan got an award.

Or two.
Actually the really exciting one was the “Hope of America” award that the Kiwanis Club gives out. I’m really proud of her. She also got a science award and a presidential academic award.

I would tell more about it, but I’m exhausted from attending the 6th grade graduation with a squirmy John in tow, (no parking and no seats, so we stood in the back for the whole hour), the drama this morning about if she does or does not have to wear a skirt, watching Natalie’s field day, then thinking I had lost my camera, running back to the school in a panic, finding the camera in the bag, and making John lunch (I should not have let him help stir the macaroni and cheese, because now it’s all over the stove), and I get to go to Jenna’s first grade talent show in about an hour.

I’m sure you’re going through similar “end of the school year” chaos at your house, too, so I’ll understand if you don’t have the energy to comment.


  1. When we were having babies, nobody told me about the crazy events I would have to attend when they were bigger.

  2. Yay for her! Fortunately, our end-of-the-year chaos was last week, so I do have the energy to comment!

  3. Teachers are just as excited that school is out too! Hallelujah!:grin:

  4. What a great (marvelous) granddaughter. Congratulations!!!

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