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She’s almost famous

Megan had one of her art pieces selected to be in the Springville Art Museum’s High school show. I don’t have the stats on how many submissions there are and how many are selected, but I think each school can send four pieces, and they must be selected by the art teacher, not the student. Not all the pieces that are entered are on display, either, so it’s an honor to have your piece shown. I remember many times going with my family to the art museum to see the high school art show. After all, my dad was an art teacher for 30 years.

There are so many wonderful pieces! Of course, there are also a lot of pieces of art that just make me go hmmm. What?

We finally found Megan’s fish piece in the basement. On her little artist’s description it says, “I was inspired to make this piece because our family drinks a lot of soda and my mother’s favorite drink it Diet Coke. I had a lot of those cans lying around so I decided to make a fish with scales out of the aluminum cans.”

So she’s really dedicating the piece to me, right?

Besides Megan’s piece, here are a couple of my favorite.

The secret life of Bees. I wonder if that’s actual honey in the jar. Can’t be, right?

This is body armor made for a Renaissance fair.

I like this 9 tailed fox, too.

Besides the high school art, the museum is full of fun and beautiful things.

Right now they have a display of James Christensen. I love his detailed and whimsical art. I wish we had had more time to look at all the pieces, but the museum was closing and we had to go.

After we left, we drove around Springville just a bit to see this.

Where does one get one of those in Utah, I wonder?

We also had to stop so I could take a picture of this house with this amazing whimsical sculpture out front.

Ok, it’s not just a house, it’s an auto body or detail shop or something, right there on main. But how cool is that?

It was a lovely afternoon drive and fun to see Megan’s art in the same building as some of the masters. Lovely, of course, until everyone got SO hungry they were all crabby in the car on the drive home. I had one package of fruit snacks to share with them. Because I’m prepared that way.


  1. that’s so cool for Megan!
    I love that secret life of bees piece 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you have been yet. We still have to plan a visit there.

  3. Is it for sale, $250.00 or is that how much the materials cost (that would be a lot do Diet Coke).

    Does Megan get the money or the school or the art gallery?

  4. That’s the price Megan would get if someone were to purchase it. She got to set that price herself, and even though she said she really wouldn’t want to sell it, I told her to just pick a price so high that she wouldn’t mind it if someone bought it.

    No, it didn’t take $250 worth of Diet Coke cans… 🙂

    If I remember right, it was around 12 cans to cover the fish, but I could be wrong.

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