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Not Every Day

It’s not every day you see this from your back yard.

We heard the loud “whoop whoop” sound and looked up to see a life flight helicopter right over us. The fireman yelled over at me to “keep your kids back”, because what kid can resist getting closer to a real live helicopter?

When they landed, a couple of guys got out and went somewhere we couldn’t see, and then we had to just wait from our yard and see.

Of course there was a firetruck there, too. We hadn’t heard a crash or anything, so we didn’t think it was a car accident, but we were still curious. I mean, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen very often in our neighborhood.

Later on we found out that it was an accident at home, and the person involved is doing better every day, but for an afternoon, that was our excitement.

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  1. sheesh – hope everyone is okay!

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