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Not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Wonderful weekend!

I’ve read through the past few posts and they have been kind of downer posts. Got to do something about that, don’t I.

Well, we had a GREAT Labor Day weekend. I’ll skip over the details of the week, but lets just say I had a few more chime kids the second day, I got very familiar with the steam canner (I canned over 60 quarts of peaches, pears, and tomato juice) and we got ourselves a new little birdie.

On Friday, Megan came home and it was wonderful to hug my girl again. It’s been hard for me to have her gone, and missing her makes me miss Cole even more. Weird. So even though it’s only been two weeks since she left, I was SO happy to have her come home for the weekend. Friday we also welcomed our friends Robin and Ron, so we had a full house again. Hooray! Friday night we went out to dinner at the Spaghetti factory. Yum.

Saturday morning Robin and I got up and hit the garage sales shortly after 7:00. We found some GREAT stuff, I tell you. I may go into more detail on that later. Even though there were more sales, we had to stop about 9:30 because I was a-out of money, b-needing to use the bathroom, and c-was supposed to meet someone at 10:00.

By now you have probably seen this Talk Nerdy to me Video, right? If you haven’t, then just take a minute and watch. Pretty cool, right? I know the guy in the yellow shirt. He was the Cat in the Hat in Seussical all those years ago. He messaged me on Wed night and asked if I knew of someone with a horse in the Alpine area that he could use for a video shoot on Saturday. Of course I do. So, on Saturday, I met him over at Megan’s friend’s house to see about her horse. They looked at her pretty horse, and looked behind her to another horse, and said, “Can we use that one instead? That one is perfect!”
He took a picture and instagrammed it, saying, “Ya. We got an Epona. So stoked!”
zelda horse

Ipona is the name of the horse in the video game, The Legend of Zelda. Yeah, I wouldn’t know that, but my kids do.

Anyway, we spent the next hour mostly watching, sometimes helping these three guys film shots for their video. It’s not been released yet, so I can’t post a bunch of pictures just yet. I don’t even HAVE too many pictures, as I left my camera and phone in the car (duh). It was fun to watch the process, and when we left Keith thanked me profusely for my help (what help? I didn’t do much, but I’m glad it worked out.

Later that day we examined out yard sale loot and were pleased with our haul. Even Ryan, the skeptic of all skeptics, said I had done well and gotten some good deals. A BOSCH bowl for $2?! Crazy, right? A Whisper mill wheat grinder for $3? Insane.

That evening we went to my parents’ house for dinner. Mom had said we would eat from the garden…Corn, Tomatoes, Beans and Peaches. Yum. We also had sloppy joes and potato salad that we had made. It was all so yummy, and we all laughed a lot and had such a nice time.

It was a GREAT day.

Sunday was another great day as we got to go to Ryan’s niece Marissa’s homecoming and gathering at the house afterward. More great food. We were so stuffed.

Monday morning we tried to find more garage sales. It was pretty bleak, but we did at least find one, and it was a good one. Megan had mentioned that she wanted a typewriter, so I bought her one for $2.


Everyone had fun typing and playing with it, once Ryan adjusted it for them.



Then I took all three girls over to Great Clips for hair cuts. Megan wanted a trim, but Natalie and Jenna went for it.
Natalie before.


And after.


My girls. ARen’t they beautiful?

Then I took Megan to Walmart to stock up. I think she’ll have enough food now. Plus, I gave her peaches, pears I just bottled, ham from the freezer, butter….anything I could think she might need. Her car was packed and it was mostly food. She took a cooler in the car with her to keep everything cool for the 90 minute drive.


What a GREAT weekend. And tomorrow… John’s birthday.

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  1. So glad we could be a part of your GREAT weekend. Thank you, thank you for always being willing to have us stay. I also had a great time!! OH…and Happy Birthday to John…I hope it was fabulous!

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