That’s Buckbeak, my sweet little rooster.

Buckbeak thinks he needs to get up on the patio table and crow and crow and crow. He crows when he feels like it all day. I thought roosters were just supposed to crow in the early morning. But I’d rather he crow during the day than in the early morning, I guess.



His girls are all scattered around. They like the patio, too. Not sure why. Is it warmer than grass, or do they just like to be close to the house? Whatever the reason, they end up pooping all over the patio, which is gross and a huge pain to wash off.


This little one is Sasha. She’s the same age as Buckbeak, but is still just a tiny little thing. Maybe she’s not going to be very big. She’s a sikly. Can she even see through that mess of feathers on her face?


And then there’s Fox, our sweet little three legged cat. She likes to curl up on the back porch, too, even though I bought her a nice soft cat bed that sits on the FRONT porch. If I moved it to the back porch, I fear chickens would just walk on it and poop on it. I don’t know why she prefers to sleep on wood, but there she is, trying to nap. Ignoring (or attempting to ignore) those feathered creatures that must surely be a bother to her, but she never chases them.