For Natalie’s birthday party, she wanted to do a How to Host a Murder party, but one that was clean. Luckily, I had purchased a printable story a while back, and so I could just print that out and they could use that. Most of her friends are girls, so some of them had to play boys, but they didn’t mind. My pictures are so dark, since they were in the basement and my camera had decided it didn’t need much flash. Megan took a bunch of pictures with the fancy camera she had checked out from school, so I’m sure she got some good ones.


If the amount of laughter is any gauge of how much fun they were having, they had a BLAST.


I love how some of the girls dressed up for their characters!


No cake for this girl. I had told her that she’d have to make her own cake if she wanted one, and we just all ran out of time. Cupcakes from the freezer did just fine.


They even sang happy Birthday to her. They sang a LOT, these girls.

Fun, but LOUD, evening. So glad she had fun.