For the first part of our spring break, we stayed home.

Friday night Megan came home and we went to dinner at the traditional birthday place, Los Hermanos. And we ate WAY too much. Darn chips and salsa.
Saturday, Natalie and I baked about 25 loaves of bread and delivered them to the people who had ordered bread. It was a LONG day for both of us. We’ll bake more bread in the future, but we either need to charge more money, or not deliver.

We also listened to conference, or tried to, when the Bosch and the wheat grinder weren’t making too much noise. Ryan also took Megan bow shopping. Seems the girl has gotten into archery and she really really really wanted a compound bow for her birthday. Yep, she’s just like Catniss. Only she and her roommate Sarah shoot hay bales, not wild game. They found one she likes, and the guy at the shop took about 1/2 hour to help her adjust the draw length, and also instructed her on her stance and corrected her grip, so it was like a private lesson. All that matters is she is happy with her present.
On Sunday, we all enjoyed the chance to sleep in and stay home.

There was some looking for easter eggs and candy eating, as well as waffles for breakfast. As newly called Relief Society President, it was nice to not have to GO to church and do all the church responsibilities. The conference talks were AMAZING! I really felt the spirit. After the last session of conference, we hosted a family Easter dinner. Lots of food and fun. It was just my sister Amy’s family, our family, and mom and dad, but that’s still kind of a crowd.
Monday I got the kids outside with me and we did about 45 minutes of weeding in the back yard. But it wasn’t all that warm, and there was of course much complaining. I had grand plans that we were going to weed EVERY day, but the weather didn’t cooperate so much. But at least we got that one weeding session in. Monday night we decided to take the kids bowling. It really is their favorite family thing to do. We had such a fun time bowling. The last time was with the Brazillian boys, and that was awkward, so it was good to go with just us, and with only 3 kids to pay for, it seemed almost a bargain.

On Tuesday, the kids were doing an awful lot of tv watching, so I encouraged John to find a friend to play with, and I got out the hair dye for the girls. Natalie had been wanting to do a bright pink on the ends, and Jenna wanted red. SO, I got to play beautician. The natural henna rinse I had picked up for Jenna took FOREVER to process, and it looked like green/brown baby poo.
DSCN0798 It smelled AWFUL! Seriously. I nearly lost it several times as I was trying to comb it in to her hair. She put on a cap and got to sit for a time while I worked on Natalie.
DSCN0806 First we had to bleach, then wash and dry, then color the pink. It was a long process! Both girls are happy with their new looks, though, so that’s a good thing. Then it was time to take John to the Orthodontist, just to check and see if he needs anything. nope. He’s good for a couple years, at least. When we came home, I decided to take the kids to see a movie. Paddington was the best option at the cheap theater, so off we went. Ryan was going to do a bike ride, but he ended up not going because it was just too cold and windy.

Wednesday, I had plans to attend a workshop learning about and sewing with DAYS FOR GIRLS. We want to do a service project with them and they had invited me to come to a training session. Before I could do that, however, my phone rang, and it was the Bishop of our ward, calling from California. A member of our ward had died in the night, and we would be responsible for the funeral on Saturday. Oh, goody! A funeral! Just what I had been dreading. But, we have a wonderful compassionate service person, who has done lots of funerals. I got on the phone with her, called my counselors, asked a few questions of the former RS president, and we figured things out. I decided I’d better go to Costco and get the hams today, since we have plans to be out of town on Thursday and Friday. It took a while to call, set up the sign-up list, email back and forth, but I think we have things under control. The Bishop and I will both be back in town by Friday night, so we can take care of this funeral on Saturday.
DSCN0817 DSCN0820
Oh, did I mention we are feeding the missionaries on Wed night? Yep.
It’s not Disneyland, but it’s still fun!