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The weasel of virtue?

At dinner, Jenna asked what the oldest level of scouts is.
“The cubmaster,” I said.
“No, you’ve forgotten about the Silver Beaver,” said Ryan. Even though the silver beaver is an actual thing, we thought it was funny.
“Don’t forget about the diamond squirrel and the platinum mongoose, and the bronze gopher.” We all had one to add, laughing.
“The top honor is the tin chicken,” I said.
“Do not mock the scouting!” Ryan said. “What’s the highest recognition you can earn in Young Women’s?” he said in a somewhat mocking tone.
“Well,” Natalie said, “there’s the honor bee…and the Virtue Weasel.”
We all burst out laughing. There was no stopping us, now.
“It is the highest honor,” I chimed in, “You earn your Virtue Weasel anklet…No, Toe ring!”

Yes. We are so reverent.

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  1. That’s pretty funny! You guys are pretty clever.

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