I helped someone fill out a food order this week. Everything is firsts for me in this calling. I’ve been doing it for a month, now, and I’m still learning and finding things out. It’s hard to keep my personal opinions and prejudices out of the situation, since I really don’t KNOW the whole story. I’m just trying to help them without judging.

There was also another death in the ward. A 105 year old woman who was living in our ward, with her son and his family. She didn’t make it to church, and I think I have only seen her once since she’s been here. Her funeral will be in New Mexico, where she is from, so I don’t need to worry about that.

Mother’s day was awesome. We had some great talks in church, then COLE skyped with us and it was so wonderful to see his face. I know he comes home in less than two weeks, but it was still a lovely bonus to see him. I hope he works hard for the last real week. We are all very excited to have him home! I keep telling the kids that he’ll be a bit weird when he comes home, but they don’t really listen.

Then we had our Moms and Dads over for dinner. Our biggest laugh of the evening came when my mom was testing out our new whipped cream whipper that Ryan is so thrilled with (Best $2 garage sale find in quite a while.)

She didn’t have it straight up and down and when she went to put cream on her pie, it shot ALL over Ryan! We laughed SO hard! It was great. Ryan’s pants wash, so it’s no big deal, and we wiped everything up in no time