The Trials of a Busy Mom


Oh my Goodness, my little girl starts junior high today!! How can Megan be that old? How can I be that old? She seems pretty calm about things, although last night when we went to back to school night at the school, her locker is the one that WON’T OPEN. Her friend’s mom had both hands on that stupid “latch/turny thing” and couldn’t open it. We ended up with the assistant principal over there helping her, and he was very nice and said that if she couldn’t get it working after a couple of days, to come and see him and they would swap it and get her a new locker. EEK. Then we tried to pick out something to wear for her first day, and she was amazed that I wasn’t going to let her wear the ratty boys shorts that she’s been wearing all summer. Huh? If you don’t want to go shopping with me to pick out your school clothes, you get to wear what I pick. Jeans were just “TOO HOT” in her opinion, but I found some cute sporty capri pants that I had bought for Natalie, I think. She’s wearing those, a new white t-shirt, and her new track shoes. Still sporty, but not scroungy sporty.

Natalie went and picked out her new glasses yesterday. Yes, after her eye appointment, she is now going to be a glasses wearing kid. She’s excited about the cute green glasses she chose, and I was relieved that they were only about $106.

**Attention, Olympic Spoiler Ahead. If you did not stay up all night watching the Olympics last night, stop reading now**

And for Nastia and Shawn–YES!!!!!! I stayed up way too late to see the Women’s all around, since our tivo has been stopping at 11:30, then I never see the end. Ryan even said he was recording it, but I got sucked into the event, and couldn’t turn it off. I was really rooting for Shawn Johnson (isn’t she the cutest girl?), but I’m happy with how it ended up. I’m AMAZED and ASTOUNDED at what these girls can do,and so glad they won, even with the unfair scoring. Didn’t you think the scoring was unfair? Especially on the beam. What’s up with that, China?


  1. Janice

    I’m currently nursing a Diet Coke because I was up until midnight watching the whole thing. Go USA!

  2. Tess

    Yeah – that scoring was bugging! Still, it all worked out so I guess I can let it go. Breathe, Tess….let it go….serenity now, serenity now…..

  3. Robin

    Sarah had a problem with her locker combo as well…her last number was wrong…fortunately I figured it out…She thinks I am the mommy-est for figuring it out for her.

    My brother-in-law from Iowa called me last night and asked me to pray for Shawn Johnson (she reminds him of Sarah…so he says)…So I am glad to hear that my prayers were answered and she did well…in spite of the unfair scoring.

    I hope Megan enjoys Junior High!!! …and all the rest enjoy their new year in school.

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