The Trials of a Busy Mom

I wonder what they’re going to do with that

Yesterday at Costco I saw 5 or 6 guys all standing around the checkout counter. They were all in work clothes, and one of them had some landscaping logo on his shirt, so I assumed they were all landscapers. They had no cart, but one of them was carrying a Kitchenaid mixer. They paid for their mixer, and since I was right behind them in line, I couldn’t resist asking them what they were all going to do with that mixer.

“We’re going to mix up some concrete!” said the older guy, who was probably the boss. But he was laughing, so I couldn’t tell if he was serious or joking.

“No!” I gasped, “really?”

He just laughed and they walked away.

Now I’ll never know.


  1. Janice

    Dorks. You have given you a straight answer because now I want to know.

  2. Ryan

    I’d bet that it was the purchaser’s anniversary or some such occasion.

    Turns out that construction workers are unable to shop anywhere by themselves, so they shop in packs, because that’s more manly.

    I’m also guessing that one of them had already made the ‘mixing concrete’ joke to themselves several times before you asked.

    I’m sure you made their afternoon. Now they can tell their other co-workers and their foreman and the general contractor that they fooled you.


  3. Kimberly

    I am with Ryan. I could see them even hearing the joke, buying one as a joke just to see how many women ask them about it then returning it. They probably walked around for an hour until you finally asked them. Construction workers are like that. They take much pleasure in women’s stupidity and curiosity. Sorta like Mechanics. They are experts a being mean but somehow can’t figure out how to throw a garbage in the trash instead of the ground.

  4. Melissa

    Oh, I hope they were joking – there are starving kids in China (or just short girls in Mississippi) who would love to have such a mixer!

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