The Trials of a Busy Mom

Where did the summer go?

It’s back to school time for us. That means we are buying notebooks and pencils and backpacks, also making sure everyone has shoes and clothes that fit. Then we get to go to the “Back to school nights”s and Open houses and get everyone excited to go back to school.

I’ve kind of been lamenting the fact that the summer is coming to a close and we haven’t done many of the things I’ve wanted to do. We didn’t go on any kind of a vacation, not even in state. We haven’t gone to Lagoon, even though I won one season passport for one of the kids. We haven’t gone to St. George or Park City or even Logan. The farthest away we’ve gone as a family was Syracuse, for heaven’s sake.

But as my kids were driving me crazy with their incessant fighting and teasing, I told them I didn’t have the money or the inclination to take them anywhere else fun. They needed to find something to do AT HOME and use their creativity instead of just watching tv. I began to realize that Yes, we have done a lot this summer. Just maybe not all together. I mean, we have been awfully busy. What Have we done this summer? So, I put together a little list. It’s not all inclusive, and not every kid did everything on the list (John obviously didn’t go to girls camp, you know). But it’s a good reminder of all the fun we’ve had this summer.

Soccer camp
Got ice cream from the ice cream truck
Girl’s camp
River running on the Snake river
Gone to Jackson Hole and seen the Bar J Wranglers
Gone to Seven Peaks
Drum lessons
Classic bounce, skate, and waterslide
Had their cousins come and stay and play for a week
Kangaroo Zoo bouncing
Family barbeques
Played in the river at the park
Dinosaur Museum
Played in the river at a friend’s house
Had sleepovers
swimming lessons
Parades, parades, and more parades
Marching band camp
Got a new parakeet
Played softball, softball, and more softball
Had friends come and stay for a week
Gone to a baseball game
Birthday parties
Splashed and played at the children’s garden
Gone to Jump on it
Gone to Museums, movies and more
Swam with their cousins
Decorated their bikes for their bike parade
Neighborhood barbeques
Night games
Seen the Osmonds perform with the Tab Choir
Been in a play
Swam and canoed at Payson Lakes
Thanksgiving point farm country
Ran a 5K
Fireworks (both at home and professional)
Worked in the sound booth for a play
Gone to China (ok, that was only Ryan, but it looks impressive on the list)

So, if you look at it like that, we’ve all had a pretty darn busy summer! And I need to stop feeling guilty that I didn’t win a trip and take my kids to Disneyland this year. Maybe I should print this out and give it to the kids when they go back to school. Just so they won’t forget. Or I could send them here to look at all the fun pictures we’ve taken of our summer adventures.

And in a TOTALLY unrelated light, do you think a Happenings Book would be a tacky gift for a wedding shower? I mean, they will be newlyweds, and they’ll need coupons, right? And by buying them, I would be supporting my son in his fundraising needs. Why not kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean? What do you think? Too tacky? Not tacky? Or just tacky enough?


  1. Robin

    I don’t know if it is tacky or not…I guess it depends on the couple…and how well you know them. I think it’s a good gift. Cole tried to hit Sarah up for buying one…we’d love to, but I doubt we’d use enough of the coupons to justify the purchase…

  2. Carolyn

    Sounds like a fun summer. Did I see Cherry Hills on that list? I heard you on the radio when you won a Splash Pass from Cherry Hills. Don’t feel bad about not winning a Disneyland trip THIS year. I’ve never won a Disneyland trip let alone for just THIS year. After trying for years and never getting in or winning anything, I’ve given up and just pay for the trip. Enjoy what’s left of summer.

  3. Janice

    Wow! I need to compile a list so I feel better about things. Just registered everyone for school. So glad that is off my “to do” list.

  4. Amy

    I don’t think a Happenings book is tacky. In fact, once you mentioned it, I thought, what a good idea! But let me know if that’s what you’re giving Rachel and Becky, so I won’t get it for them.

  5. Kimberly

    Thanks for making me feel like such a loser this summer! I was thinking I was a pretty cool mom but my list would not be near that long. To my credit, we have a very short summer because of track school—nope I still feel like crap!!! Guess there is always next summer or maybe when we go off track I can make up for it. In the meantime, don’t let my kids hear about your list or you may have 3 new children next year. 🙂

  6. Melissa

    You guys have been very busy bees this summer!

    I think that a coupon book would be a great wedding gift, but then again, I’m kinda a coupon addict!

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