In taking my daughter to school, we were talking about friends, and she said she didn’t think a certain person liked her. “I guess you can’t please everyone,” I said, “you aren’t pizza.” Then we began talking about if we were a food, what kind of food would we be?

I am a hot fudge sundae. With nuts. I realize that not everyone in the world prefers hot fudge, and some people don’t like nuts.

Some people are really rather caramel or strawberry syrup kind of people, and then there are the whole nut allergy people who would not go for my type of sundae. I’m ok with that, because the people who DO like hot fudge sundaes with nuts REALLY like them. And I realize that not everyone is going to be my friend, or like me, or agree with me.

She said she might be carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s a little joke in our family that Ryan wanted carrot cake for his birthday. The girls had already told him they would make him a birthday cake, and they were aghast at his choice. Why carrot cake? His reply, “Because it’s DELICIOUS”. He even had a funny voice thing that went with his ‘Delicous’, and it’s kind of stuck. They made him carrot cake. From scratch. With real carrots that they had to grate themselves. And man, was that cake delicious. As good as Kneader’s carrot cake. Not kidding. So moist and flavorful. But still, not everyone will enjoy, or even try, a bit of that carrot cake.

It’s like that with friends. Not everyone in High School is going to think that my amazingly awesome daughter is the kind of person they would like to hang out with. (Those who think that would be wrong, of course, because she’s SUCH a great person and everyone who takes the time to get to know her will totally think that, of course.) That’s ok. I think she’s ok with that. And it’s good to realize that not everyone is going to like you. You don’t have to please everyone. You are enough.

So, my question to you, dear reader, is What kind of food would YOU be if you were a food?