I know that yelling “I LOVE YOU” out the door to my sullen 12 year old who has just stomped around the house yelling at us in general, and me in particular, is not the most grown up thing. It’s better than screaming “I hate you” or some other mean thing, right? If I continue to tell him that I love him, do you think he will eventually believe me?


He no longer wakes up to his alarm, so that makes it my job to wake him up. He does not like waking up, and does not get moving quickly in the morning. And if I sleep in longer than I should, then I don’t wake him up in time for him to be as slow as he would like. Daylight savings time has not helped. Two days a week, we have to be to school by 7 am, so it’s rush, rush, rush. On Fridays, I tend to hit the snooze button a few times. It’s time to buy new alarm clocks for a few of these kids.

But I had time to make muffins for the kids. Well, I think only one out of three kids ate a muffin, but there were muffins available.

I don’t understand why EVERYTHING has to be an argument.

But I can keep on loving these kids.

And the next day was better.