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Some memories you wear

When my amazing friend Melinda got married to her sweetheart, Paul, it was a big deal. For all of us. Melinda had been one of my super best friends in high school, and we roomed together at BYU for two years. We shared everything. We lamented over boys, grades, lack of sleep, assignments and papers. We said goodbye to all our missionary aged friends, and we made fantastic memories together.

So, when she and Paul got married, it was kind of like the end of an era for me. We were graduating from college, she was getting married, I was going on a mission, we were growing up.

I know there are plenty of jokes about bridesmaids dresses, but this one was lovely. Not poofy or unflattering, but a dress that I wanted to wear again. Her grandma sewed these dresses, if I’m remembering it correctly. And she worked in a fabric store at the time, so she picked out some lovely fabric. Anyway, I really loved that dress. bridesmaids

There’s a lot of hair there, I know. This was back when I permed my hair every six months.

But aren’t we pretty in our matching dresses?

I wore it after the wedding, as well. This was was with my roommate, Laurie. I don’t know why we were at the temple, unless it was for her sister’s wedding. But I was wearing that dress.


I even have pictures from me in the MTC wearing that dress. I didn’t take it with me to Germany because I didn’t want it to get ruined and worn too many times. But I did wear it in the MTC. Again, Not a great picture, but you get the idea.

young paige

Well, soon after the mission, I got married, and the weight crept on. No longer did I fit into that dress, but I still kept it. I also kept the dress that I wore on our wedding day before the wedding dress. It’s also special to me. Soon, these two dresses and a few other sentimental clothing items were in a box up at the top of the closet.

But I’ve been cleaning out the closet (after I read the life changing magic of tidying up), and I’ve gotten rid of quite a few things. Bags of shoes and clothes, and I still have a LONG way to go to declutter, but at least it’s a start. What to do with those two dresses that I love, but that do NOT fit. I actually even tried them both on, just to see. Nope.

I even texted Melinda and told her that I still had this dress, and how much I have loved it throughout the years, and to thank her for picking such a lovely dress for her wedding. She was sweet, and said she’d actually like to have it, if I was getting rid of it. So, I was prepared to do that. I brought it down before book club so I could take it to her, and my daughter snatched it up.

“Where did you get this dress? It’s so retro! Can I try it on?” I told her she could try it on, but she couldn’t make fun of it, because I really loved this dress. She put it on, and it fit her.


She posted a picture of herself in that dress on her instagram and got a LOT of nice comments, so she decided to wear it to church today.

natalie dress

I’m so glad I kept that dress. Flowers and lace are coming back in style. She may take out the shoulder pads, but she really likes that dress, and it makes me so happy to have it be loved again.

Sentimental? Yes. I will always think of that as MY dress, but I’m so glad that I can share it with my daughter, too.

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  1. Pat Coleman

    That is a terrific story. You looked so good, both the hair and the dress. I hadn’t seen that picture, I don’t think. And that is really neat that Natalie likes and wore the dress, from about 23-24 years ago. Very cool!

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