The Trials of a Busy Mom

Sometimes one person’s tragedy is another person’s blessing

Today is a TOTALLY crazy busy day. We’ve got two piano lessons, a soccer game, volleyball practice in another city, marching band practice and a marching band fundraiser concert with Jon Schmidt. Oh, and Parent Teacher conference at the Junior High. With two kids at that school, that makes around 16 teachers. Then there’s the usual stuff like make dinner. (Not to mention my Book Club that I can’t go to-Boo Hoo!). I signed up to help with the concert tonight, and I’m supposed to sell concessions. Ok. But nobody’s really told me what time to be there, or what I need to do–the story of my life. Thankfully, we have a friend in volleyball, so we don’t have to drive both ways, but someone’s going to have to pick those kids up in Pleasant Grove at 7:00. I guess that would be Ryan.

ANYWAY, my point is that I’m extremely busy today and don’t have time for a lot of distractions. Got to keep on schedule, you know. I just came home from a PTA meeting at the elementary school, and there was a message on my machine from the sweet piano teacher that went something like this: “Paige, I’m going to have to cancel piano lessons today because my son broke his finger, and the only time we can get into the doctor is 3:00. So, we’ll cancel your lessons at 3:00 and 4:00. Call me and we’ll figure out when we can reschedule.” Oh, thank goodness! Reschedule? No, thanks. My girls will be happy that they don’t have to go to piano, and I’m just happy that I have an hour that’s just opened up. I’m sad that her son broke his finger, and I never would wish that on him, but sometimes other people’s tragedies are another person’s blessings.

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  1. Amy

    That was JUST like the time I saw you at colonial days when I was chalking the Mayflower. It was my worst schedule day all summer, and I had to get back to teach a 3:00 art class, when Brian called to relay the message that my art students weren’t coming because they were throwing up. Hooray! um, I mean, I’m so sorry. It was the best news I’d heard all day!

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