So, the Primary Program went really well. Jenna and her friend sang their little hearts out, Cole did well with his flute number, and my solo wasn’t bad, either. The kids all sang well, stood relatively still, did their parts with style, and it only went over 10 minutes. And to thank me for a job well done, I’ve been released.

I’m very sad about leaving Primary. Really, the junior Primary chorister is the most fun job ever, and I was just looking forward to doing all the fun and relaxing “post program” stuff. But I guess it was time to share the fun and let someone else do that job (even though secretly I feel they won’t do as good of a job as me).

I’ve been called to be an instructor in Relief Society. Which is a fine calling. Really. It could be much worse. *sigh* I’m really trying to have a good attitude about the whole change, but since this is MY blog, I’m allowed to put down my true feelings, so deal with it.

Apparantly, they’ve been “clammoring for me” in Relief Society for a long time (and why wouldn’t they? I’m awesome!). Maybe I’ll just get up and teach them a song using puppets and my stop sign and visuals from Primary and see how much they want me then!

Ok. Enough about that. I’ll get over it and move on.

In an unrelated train of thought, I turned on the radio this morning to….Jingle Bell Rock. What the…? Today is Halloween, people, not Thanksgiving. I’m all for rushing the season and playing a tiny bit of Christmas music early, but on HALLOWEEN? NO. I’m changing the station right now. Well, right after this song, because it’s one of my favorites.