What a fun day we had yesterday! I spent the day running around getting things ready for class parties, treats for teachers, etc, and the kids had a wonderful day at school, each with a party.

I went to Megan’s class party (I’m the room mother) and did a mad German scientist bit with creepy ingredients for my creature (spaghetti=guts, peeled grapes=eyes, hot dogs for fingers, etc). I had my assistant, Pooh Bear (aka John) with me, and we had a nice time.


After school we piled in the car and went to Ryan’s work, where there was trick-or-treating cubicle style. It’s much faster than walking up long driveways, and indoors! Great idea! The kids got enough candy to call it quits (in my humble opinion), but not enough for them.


So we went home, ate a lovely and nutritious dinner consisting of hot dogs and spaghetti-O’s (I know, I’m still a bit ill thinking about it) , and then put the costumes back on and went out in the neighborhood. We had an 11 year old Nemo, 9 year old wizard, 7 year old dragon, 4 year old sea turtle, and 2 year old Pooh Bear, plus an extra 11 year old knight/chocolate bar combo costume. After going through about 1/2 of our little neighborhood, John and Jenna tuckered out (they were slowing us down) and went home to “pass out candy with Dad”. I took the 4 of them in the car to a couple of other neighborhoods in our ward, until the nice dark time of 7:30 when I declared that they had had enough, and we all needed to go home.

It was a fun and festive Holiday, and we all enjoyed our Halloween.


I hope your holiday was also fun.

p.s.–I’ll get some pictures up soon. And, as a side note, my two kids who are home today are pretty sugared up and hyper (as if I expected differently!)