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I was watching some daytime talk/news show on tv and they had a segment on buying the right bra. One thing they said stuck with me. They said that you should have 3 regular bras that you rotate through, and your bras should be worn for no longer than 18 months.

Seriously? That’s 18 divided by 3… that means that on average, you are buying a new bra every six months. Ew. Who does that? Bra shopping is the worst! You can’t bra shop with little kids, and there’s the whole try on the bra, then see how it looks with a shirt over it, then take off the shirt, take off the bra, try on another bra. It’s exhausting! And there are so many choices! How does one truly decide which is the best means of support?

So, my questions for you are: How long have you had your current bra? Do you have three bras that you rotate, or is it just the one poor bra doing all the work. And, how much is the most you’ve spent on a bra?


  1. Amy

    Paige, I think you are obsessed with bras, but I’ll answer your questions because I love you. I’ve had the one I’m wearing for five years, but it’s a hand-me-down. I have two the same age that I rotate through, but one of them has a broken underwire. I have a third bra I use if I absolutely have to, and that’s a nursing bra I’ve had for nine years.

    I got one bra last time I was pregnant, which was over three years ago, and I spent about $15 on it. because it was a nursing bra at Motherhood, but I had a gift card so it was free. I can’t remember the last time I spent REAL money on a bra. Maybe never. . .

  2. Paige

    I think it would be safe to say that my sister is in need of a bra intervention. I might just have to kidnap her and take her against her will to the store.

  3. Lisa

    I concur with your bra issues. I actually have found a bra I really like it and I always buy another one when they are on sale at Kohls. It’s the barely there brand. I think they are about $24 on sale (total guess really). I have 2 good ones that are fairly new and a couple of older ones that I don’t use unless the other two are in the wash. I went a long time with only one bra but I’m past that now. And I agree, Amy needs a little help. And a hand-me-down bra???

  4. Tess

    Confessions, eh? Alright, I finally broke down last month and bought three new bras and the grand total was — cha ching! — eighty seven dollars!!!!! I had been wearing the same two bras since I can’t remember when. They were badly frayed and one actually had two holes in it. David mentioned the tatters one morning and I figured it was time to go shopping. I must admit that I like my new ones – they’re pretty and have a little satin stripe.

  5. Dana

    Paige, Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for the sweet comments! I bought our toilet paper holder at Kohl’s. I don’t know if you have one of those in your area, but I’ve also seen similar ones at Target and WalMart. They are $10 or less!

  6. Mom

    I agree with your lamenting on bras. Its past time I got new ones. But my regular store is gone, and i don’t want to spend several hours out shopping for bras. Also, I’m waiting for the 50% off sale, which you never see any more. You see buy one, get one at 1/2 off. That’s only 25% off. My biggest problem with bras is that the straps fall off my shoulders (I guess that must mean that my shoulders slope). Plus I don’t like to see bra seams through my tee shirts. Well, that’s all.

  7. Kimberly

    I have 3 bras–two that hardly fit anymore and one FABULOUS one. Only down fall is the good one does not come in white and I wear a lot of white shirts–that is when the old one comes in handy. I got fitted at Lace by Lousie in Riverton (cheesy name but well worth it) and now have the best supported babies in town. You stand in the back room and the lady picks them out for you. You try them on and she shows you why certain ones will and will not work. She is very familiar with other undergarment issues and was SOOOOO helpful. My mom and I went together and were laughing hysterically by the end–found out we totally put bras on wrong. The bra was around $40 and I will never go anywhere else again. They have sales all the time too where the second one is 1/2 price.

  8. Amy

    Maybe I’ll use this $10 Kohl’s thing I got in the mail to find myself a new bra. Then maybe you can all stop mocking me and my bra-buying non-habits.

  9. Michelle

    Only 3 bras? That is crazy! I probably have at least 6 or 8 in the rotation at all times. Most I have ever spent is around $30, but my typical bra expenditure is easily under $10. I check out the bra racks at Ross every time I’m in the store and will pick up 2 or 3 when they have some good ones in my size. I don’t have ginormous boobs, so I can usually find my size pretty easily. My very favorite new one I got for only $6 and it really keeps the girls up nicely. I’ve lost a little bit of weight, though, so a couple of them are starting to gap and not lay smooth, so I guess it’s time to hit Ross and stock up again. My only real requirements for a bra is that it fits well, is seamless and has underwires to support the girls and keep them from flattening into my armpits. One pathetic bra confession from me: I have one bra that I LOVE. It fits perfectly, but the hooks got mangled in the wash, so I sewed the back closed and still wear it by just pulling it over my head. LOL

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