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Dancing with those stars

Are you a Dancing with the stars fan? I must say I’ve become a fan. It’s just so much fun to watch people improve and learn new dances! And the dancers are amazing, aren’t they? I wish I could be on that show. Only then it couldn’t be called Dancing with the stars, it would be more like “Dancing with the Average People” or “Dancing with the out of shape soccer moms”. I know, it could be a HUGE hit, right? We get all these average out of shape people and try to teach them to dance! We’d have the PTA president, the Releif Society President, and the car-pool organizer dancing it off and competing for your votes. I think I’ll pitch my idea to the people at Fox. Of course, the funniest part of the show would be trying to fit their overweight pudgy bodies into those sexy little costumes. On second thought, maybe I wouldn’t want to be on that show.

But I can always live vicariously through the television and IMAGINE that I’m on the show, right?

Well, we actually have a famous family member who was ON the results show on Wednesday night. Yes! Italo Elgueta, who is my nephew (ok, technically, he’s my husband’s sister’s husband’s son, so I guess he’s technically our “step-nephew” if you want to get picky on the specifics, but we claim him as family) is a professional dancer! He’s been in such movie blockbusters as High School Musical 2 and the upcoming High School Musical 3! He KNOWS Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. He “hung out” with all the cool kids from East High. And we are all very excited about the opening of the movie on October 24th.But did he get me some autographs like I asked? Not yet. ahem.

So back to Dancing with the Stars. On Wednesday’s show, Jesse McCartney sang, and Italo and Ashley Danced! I could explain the whole thing, or I could just let you see for yourself.

I know that the girls get to do all the flashy moves in these ballroom things, but he’s got some moves of his own, wouldn’t you say? Go ahead. Watch it again. How fabulous is that? Ryan’s sister Julene and her husband Italo flew down to LA to watch their son dance on National TV! She said it was so much fun, and they were in the “screaming fan” section, so we didn’t catch a glimpse of them on tv, but they sure did cheer!

So there you have it, folks. My teeny tiny six degrees of separation fame for the day.

Way to go Italo! You dance like a star!


  1. Janice

    Wahooo! How great is that?!!

  2. An Ordinary Mom

    My sister loves this show. I should try watching it, it sounds fun!

  3. Tess

    And I’m the friend of the girl whose step nephew was on Dancing With the Stars! That’s pretty cool! Is that seven degrees of separation? I’ll take it. You are such a cool friend to have!!!!!

  4. Robin

    Wow…that was really good! I really liked that song as well…

  5. Amber

    I reallllly should watch it because I don’t have one iota of rhythm. One thing that amazes me is how popular it is!!

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