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What kind of a spelling word is that?

[jok-uhnd, joh-kuhnd]
cheerful; merry; gay; blithe; glad: a witty and jocund group.
1350–1400; ME jocound to help, benefit, please, delight

My fourth grader had to come up with a sentence for “Jocund”, and I didn’t even know what it meant. I had to look it up. Is that a word that’s in your vocabulary?


  1. I’ve heard that word before but I could never use it in a sentence without looking up the meaning.

  2. See, I thought it was weird when Braeden had to use “cerebral” in a sentence this week. Jocund is even weirder.

  3. That isn’t in my “usage” vocabulary (although I did know what it meant – I think I had it in a spelling bee once!) but it reminds me of a college friend who would ask me to spell words she didn’t know. If I couldn’t spell it, she said, I couldn’t use it!

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