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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Hey, why don’t you blog about that?

Jenna asked me yesterday if we could get out the nativity set and play with it. So, down to the basement we went to look for the nativity set. We found both the Fontanini set

and the veggie tales set.

Normally I would have said that it’s too early to get out the Nativity set. It’s the middle of November, for heaven’s sake! But Christmas seems to be starting early this year. Our neighbors have their yard and house COMPLETELY decked out and TURNED on, and they are not the only ones. This week is our bell choir Christmas concert.
We’ve been practicing Christmas music since…well, since July, actually. So, if you want to get yourself into a Christmas mood, you’ve got three chances this week to attend this concert this week. I’ve also been buying Christmas presents here and there, so I’m thinking about gifts. On Saturday we gave our Christmas gift to my sister and her family. Yes, it’s a month early, but it’s always the right time for giving, isn’t it? We hope they can use their gift for a long long time. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a while, but the kids for some reason think that we shouldn’t listen to Christmas music in the car. Whatever. I think they were just ticked off that we wouldn’t let them watch a movie on our short ride from Pleasant Grove.

So, I say, bring on the Christmas cheer. I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, and I’m not pulling out the tree and the decorations or anything, I’m just trying to prepare a little bit. I’m not trying to skip Thanksgiving, either. I LOVE Thanksgiving. We were going to go down to visit my brother in sunny Arizona for Thanksgiving, but that’s off now. So we’ll stay here and enjoy the time off from school and work. We’ll get together with extended family and have a wonderful day. And we’ll eat sweet potatos with marshmallows, thank you very much.

And if you’ve noticed that the blogging has been sparse lately, you are correct. And I’m so sorry. I’m sorry if you’ve rushed over here daily to see what kind of shenanigans we’re up to and all you see is my four day old post about spilled milk. No, I didn’t go to SanDiego this weekend with my husband or my friends. And no, I’m not at all offended that two of my friends went to SanDiego this weekend and no one even invited me to go along. I did have a friend invite us out to party with them this weekend, and I, brilliant person that I am, went to the wrong place and then wondered where they were. Oh well, maybe we’ll meet up NEXT time.

Well, I’ve been kind of swamped lately, and until I climb out of this mountain of work, I won’t be blogging much. We hosted a baby shower here on Saturday, and I was busy getting the house ready for that, (and speaking of babies, my sister had her baby on Friday–Congratulations, Chrissy!!) and I was trying to take advantage of the Oprah/Snapfish deal, and I spent hours downloading and then uploading pictures and arranging my book, only to have my kids close the window to play a game, then then arrange and arrange again and then them NOT credit me with the $29.99 for the book once I placed the order. I’m going to have to call them about that one). I’m just trying to tell you all that I’ve been busy. And I’m literally surrounded with piles of reflections entries in my office. A pile here, a box there, some prizes there, a box of medals there (medals that I ordered engraved, and when they came they were noticeably NOT engraved, so I’ve got to call about that one), a case of candy over there. I’ve got to get all reflections done by Thursday night, as our assembly is scheduled for this Friday. I’ve also got rehearsals or concerts or other obligations every night this week (except for tonight, and I think the theme of our FHE tonight will be…help Mom with reflections), so blogging is kind of low on my list.

So– wish me luck, send good thoughts, send food, send money, send help. Whatever. We’ll get through this and then we’ll get to blog all about it.


  1. Does it ever end? We’re ready for the busy week too, and really looking forward to next week where there are only two days of school, a stuff yourself silly holiday and having the hubs home for two extra days during the week!

    For the record, I don’t think it’s ever too early to get out nativities. What’s the harm in remembering our Savior year round? The christmas tree, not so much. But bring on the nativities!

    Good luck getting all of your lists crossed off. Maybe the hard work on the concert will result in the specific blessings of being extremely proficient!

  2. Wow. My house is a mess and I am not even doing 1/2 of what you are doing. Christmas has started here early too. I am tired of fighting it. No decorations or tree yet but plenty of FM 100 and Christmas shopping. I think I am done but I always end up getting things at the last minute.

  3. Yes, but you actually WORK, Janeen.

  4. I LOVE those Veggie Tales Nativities! So cute!

    Anna Marie had me let her watch “The Very First Noel” on Monday night. We recorded it on the DVR a couple of years ago, and it’s become one of our favorites. I guess I need to get the DVD in case anything happens to that recording!

  5. I used to direct a bell choir…I miss that.

    I wanted to let you know you are on the list for This Modern Mommy if you are still interested, please email me ASAP! Thanks!

  6. Gooooooood gracious. I was down in the dumps last week and so completely frenzied but after reading you last two entries, I realize ‘ve got NOTHIN’ on you. Hang in there!

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