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Hey, is that your new cell?

It’s not often I type the words “smooth endoplasmic reticulum” and “golgi bodies”. That’s why it’s so great to have kids. We can re-learn all that stuff we talked about in biology so many many years ago.


  1. Ah, this is so funny. Is that a cookie?

  2. Wait till they’re in AP Bio. Tucker came home Tuesday and informed me that when we eat mushrooms we are in effect eating their . . . there really is no tactful way to say this, so I’ll just use the anatomically correct term . . . gonads.
    Has this changed your idea of a favorite pizza topping?

  3. Yep, that’s a cookie.

  4. For some of us it was not so very long ago. I wish I had seen that while I was in my Biology Class. I am sure I would have earned extra credit for that…oh wait…I didn’t need it…I got an “A”!!!

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