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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Plan ahead, why don’t you?

Thursday is play group day around here. It started out with 6 four and five year olds, and it’s grown into an out of control group of nine (I think) boys. Each Thursday we look forward to an hour and a half of kid free time while the boys go and trash someone else’s house. Unless it’s your week, and then you have to entertain, corral, control, feed, and keep track of the herd of little boys.

It’s almost 11:00, and I just checked the calendar to see who the lucky mom is, who gets to host the play group today. It says “playgoup–me.” What? I’M hosting play group? Crap. It would be helpful to look at the calendar before the actual day, and see what’s going on.

Good thing I didn’t just start some huge time sucking project, or make plans to run some errands during that time. And it’s a good thing it’s nice weather outside. I guess I can work on the garden or the yard while the kids run around and play in the back yard. I’d better make sure I have Capri Suns and goldfish crackers on hand.

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  1. At least you remembered before the boys showed up. My sister-in-law was walking out the door to take her son when the kids started showing up. HMMMMM.

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