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Mother’s Day plans

I had bought my mom a Mother’s Day present a while back, and then in my disorganized state I couldn’t find it. Ack! But, after digging through the piles I have found it! So, Mom, you’re in luck. I do have your present! My kids, however, are a little unprepared. One daughter mentioned that I should take them to the dollar store so they could shop for Mother’s Day presents for me. But I don’t WANT any presents that they would pick out from the Dollar store, so must I take them?

All I really want for Mother’s Day is a clean house and children who aren’t arguing or fighting. But do you think they can pull that one off? Husband’s out of town, so there’s no one to remind them that they’d better behave and do their jobs “for Mom?” and if I tell them that, then it’s just more of the same nagging from Mom.

Saturday we are going to the Zoo. I won a set of five “Mom and Me at the Zoo” t-shirts. Wearing the shirts on Saturday gets you free admission to the zoo. Of course, one of the shirts was a size 2T, and I’m not sure if that will fit my growing five year old. I might have to go and pick up one more shirt, and see if I can exchange the 2 for a bigger size. So, that will be our “Mother’s day activity” on Saturday. It should be nice weather, at least, but it might be super crowded. We went to “Boo at the Zoo” back around Halloween, and it was SO crowded. I think I parked about halfway up the canyon. Let’s hope tomorrow’s escapade is not so crazy.

What are your Mother’s Day plans or traditions? Breakfast in bed? Roses? A visit from your grandkids? We’ll be visiting grandparents for sure on Sunday. Please don’t tell me your husband does some extravagant lovely present for you. I was talking to my hubby last night on the phone (he’s in upstate New York for a week) and we got talking about cars. I told him I might just buy myself a Mazda 6 (red) for my Mother’s day present. He went along with it and said I’d have to tie a big huge bow on it, and then go outside and proclaim, “I LOVE ME! This is the BEST present I’ve ever given myself! Thanks, ME!” Wouldn’t that be great? *sigh* That’s not gonna happen.

So, if you come by my house on Sunday and you hear my kids fighting and the house is a mess, don’t be surprised. I might just be hiding out in my bed reading a book.


  1. hmmm…I’m thinking the car thing isn’t such a bad idea, no matter how much your husband mocks you. I already bought my Mother’s Day gift for this year – we’re not very good at coming up with gifts for each other, so we just come up with gifts for ourselves. But my husband does make the effort to buy a card and write something mushy in it.

  2. I can’t believe Ryan is out of town for Mother’s Day! How unfair! I always ask for a clean house and not having to cook on Mother’s Day. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten it before, but Brian claims I do every year. Hmm. I must have forgotten what a clean house is–I feel like it’s never happened!

  3. Tell Ryan he owes you double–next Sunday and the Sunday after. My plan is to hopefully hear Heidi speak in Church. Big plans, I know!

  4. I hope the day went well despite the complications! Happy Mother’s Day Paige 🙂

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