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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Our Mother’s Day weekend

We were quite busy over the weekend!

FRIDAY night I took the kids out to dinner at Wingers. It’s one of their favorite places to eat, and I hadn’t taken them out the whole time Dad was gone, and I had meant to, so Friday it was. It was also close to where Megan’s soccer game was, so that worked out nicely. While at Wingers, I of course spilled some sauce on my off white shirt. Dang.

After Wingers, I made a quick dash into Macy’s to buy another Zoo shirt. They were out. But since I was in there, I grabbed a shirt to change into. Vain, I know, but I had a problem with the big sauce stain on my shirt!

When we got to said soccer game, I’m pretty sure everyone in the surrounding cities must also be there for a game of some sort. No parking in the parking lot, no parking on the street (any street), and we couldn’t find the field they were supposed to play on. Well, we found the field they TOLD me they would play on, but our team was nowhere near there. After driving around the parking lot a few times and realizing that no one would be leaving for the next hour, I dropped Megan and Cole off and we went to find a place to park. I finally found a space at the end of the street. I quickly whipped off my stained shirt and put on the clean, new shirt. I shouldn’t have bothered. As soon as I got out of the car, I realized that gone was the 70 degree day, and in it’s place was a windy, 60 degree night. Ugh. We grabbed our jackets, chairs, hats, sunglasses and water bottles, and made the trek. We found our team. They were warming up still. Why weren’t they starting, even though game time was 10 minutes earlier? The team on the field was going into double overtime. Championship game and all. They eventually had a shoot-out, and our game started about 40 minutes late.

It was a hard game, and getting colder by the minute. I ended up going back to the car to move it closer, and to find extra layers of clothing from the bags and bags of clothes I had cleaned out of my closet last week and was trying to find a time to take to DI. I was able to find sweatshirts for everyone. Megan’s team ended up losing 2 to 0, so they took second place in their AA division. Not too shabby, girls. By the time the game ended, it was 9:00, dark, and REALLY cold. They still had to hand out trophies and have a little team meeting.

SATURDAY–Natalie, Jenna and I had decided to be brave and audition for the Alpine Community Theater’s “Annie Get your Gun”. I had such fun last year with Seussical, and I wished my kids had been more involved, so this year we decided to do it together. Only when I woke up on Saturday, I had NO VOICE. Seriously! I was like Ariel in Little Mermaid, only I didn’t still have my looks and my pretty face. I had this croaking frog voice. I tried singing along to the radio as I was getting ready. Maybe it’s just the usual morning hoarseness. Maybe that cold/allergy thing has taken over and is now residing in my throat! What was I to do? Well, I went anyway.

Even though it was the same procedure as last year’s audition with the picture, the measuring, the “dance”, the warm up and the audition, I was much more relaxed about it this time. Maybe because I was trying out in the morning with the kids (adults were supposed to come from 12-2, but I had asked if I could come with my kids in the morning, maybe it was because I had been through this before and I at least knew some of the people, or maybe I just didn’t care as much. I still suck at the dancing part, but since I was the only adult doing the little dance steps at the time, they had no one to compare me to. When it came time to sing, I did my best. I told them that I had had a voice up until that morning, but I knew that THEY knew that I could sing, and that I would be able to sing again someday. The girls did well in their little songs, too. I know they can sing louder and better, as I’ve heard them yell all through the house, but at least they did it. I’m proud of them. Although, girls, I’m sorry about the dancing gene. Maybe with lessons you can learn.

Once we were done with the auditions, we hurried home to don our Zoo shirts and get up to the Zoo. Since I only had 5, we had to do rock/paper/scissors with the girls to determine which one of them didn’t get to wear a zoo shirt. Megan lost. And boy, did she let us know about it all the way up to Salt Lake. When we got to the zoo, the parking was a nightmare, as it always it whenever they have an event day. We finally found a parking place up in the back lot, and luckily for us, we were able to buy a t-shirt at the gate.

(are you tired of reading? Well, here–take a little break and enjoy some pictures from us at the zoo! Maybe you’d like to get a drink? A snack? Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

megans-presents-028 megans-presents-036megans-presents-059megans-presents-081megans-presents-098megans-presents-124

When we returned from the zoo, I had just a few minutes to pop in dinner for the kids, as I had a DATE with two of my best friends in the world. It was like a pre-Mother’s day outing, and we enjoyed our dinner at the Blue Lemon. Yum.

SUNDAY–I had told my kids all I wanted for Mother’s day was a clean house and kids who don’t fight, and they really had tried to clean up after themselves. They made me breakfast–a yummy omelet! I got up and took a shower, since we had 9:00 church, but I didn’t tell the kids to get ready at all. At 8:00, I called down, and said, “Can I come down now?” NO! They answered, “we’re coming up!” They brought in breakfast on a tray and sang “Happy Mother’s Day to you” and gave me their cards and little present they had made at school. It was perfect. Then they had to hurry and take showers and get ready for church. We made it to church just in time, and had nice lessons there. After church, we had a lovely lunch of ramen noodles for the kids, and leftovers from my dinner out for me. I then instructed Natalie in the making of Mother’s Day chocolate chip cookies, and I took my mother’s day nap. Nice, eh?

After the nap, we were surprised with a visit from Ryan’s sister and niece. They brought over flowers, from her husband, Chuck, thanking me for being willing to sacrifice my husband for a week so he could go and help him on his construction project in New York. It was a nice surprise! After a simple dinner, we went up to visit my mom and dad. My sister and her family were there, too, and it was a nice visit. The kids had a great time, until they realized we were going to miss the Amazing race finale. Eek. So, rush home we did, and I let them stay up and watch it, so their friends at school wouldn’t spoil it for them and tell them who won.

Late that night, Ryan came home. It had been a good week for him, and they got a LOT done, which is good. He even brought me gifts. Chocolate and Real maple syrup from New York. Sugar and More Sugar. How well he knows me! megans-presents-130

So, as you can see if you made it through this long post, we had a FUN weekend! Mother’s Day was nice, even though hubby wasn’t here. Maybe he’ll cook dinner next Sunday instead.


  1. Whew. You exhaust me with all your fun. What did you thing of AR? I was sad that Luke didn’t do better. I hadn’t realized how much I wanted them to win until they lost. But better Tammy and Victor than those screaming banshee cheerleaders. I cannot believe them–the walking definition of the ugly American. At least we still have American Idol!

  2. I also found myself rooting for Margie and Luke, although I had pre-decided that I was OK if T&V won.

    And I was actually laughing as the cheerleaders got a ‘bad’ *American* cab driver. Karma bit them in the butt for all the pain and suffering they gave all the foreign cabbies.

    Love the TAR.

  3. That made me tired.

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