I love a good garage sale. Much of my house has been furnished by garage sale finds. But having one is totally different. It hardly seems worth it to drag all your stuff out to the yard and try to organize it into attractive piles and then spend the whole morning sitting there while people pick through your stuff. But at least we had a fun time with the neighbors, the kids each purged 5 items (that they know of–I purged quite a few more for them) each, and got the joy of having a little money in their pockets. The kids also enjoyed selling rice crispy squares and suckers, and now they think they are rich.

So, now here I am, a little sunburned, but satisfied that I got rid of at least one truck load of stuff, and that none of it (except two things my kids saw before they sold) came back into my house. I really need to be better at getting rid of things that don’t belong here anymore–Melinda is my idol in that respect. But I’m proud of myself for at least trying.