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I love a parade

bike paradeParades are fun, aren’t they? Just last week we took the kids (all 7 of them) to the All Horse Parade in Lehi. Lots of pretty horses and (the most exciting part) people throwing candy! That got the kids excited about our:

First annual Neighborhood Bike Parade!
I organized a bike parade for our neighborhood, and surprisingly, we had a great turnout! I bought four rolls of crepe paper to decorate with, gave the kids some tape and balloons and streamers and told them to go out to the garage and have fun. Two short hours later and they all had bikes or scooters decorated. There’s also a lot of crepe paper on the floor in the garage, but that’s no big deal.

So, at 7:00, we all headed over to the designated starting house, and the kids rode proudly through the neighborhood. They did have to ride the “route” a couple of times so the parents could all walk down to the other end of the neighborhood and set up the ice cream social part of the bike parade. We had plenty of ice cream and people took a while to chat while the kids played.

We did have one casualty, however. Somehow Cole collided with another kid on his bike and Cole did a big wipe out. He skinned up both knees pretty badly and bruised his elbow, but thankfully he’ll survive. He needs a few battle wounds to make him tough, right?

Overall, I’m proud of myself for organizing it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I hope we can make it a yearly event.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures up here soon, but I kind of need Ryan for that.

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  1. I love it that you organized a parade! You should be proud of yourself. Way to go Paigey!

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