Oh, the baby books.
You faithfully document all the firsts: first smile, first solid foods, crawling, rolling over, first steps, the first cute words. We lovingly write down all these precious moments for the First child. The baby book entries tend to get a little bit sparse for children on down the line. It’s not that we love you any less than the first child, my dear second or third child (what was your name again?), it’s just that as parents, we forget to do the writing. I think I’ve written about 3 things in the baby book of my 5th child. Why did I even buy a baby book for that one? We’ll never know.

Well, my first child has just had another first. Since it’s not really something he’ll want put in his baby book, I’ll just blog about it. Are you ready? … He has his first—–ZIT! I’m so proud! I guess we’ll have to explain things like skin care and don’t touch you face all day and how to wash his face at night. Ryan I’m sure wanted to pop it for him immediately, but I think it’s actually going away on it’s own after only one day, so we’ll leave the popping until we get some really good ones!