I took the kids to the grocery store for our FHE activity tonight (after a really short lesson). They were each to pick out a snack that they wanted for $1 or less. I thought it would be a quick–10 minutes or less shopping trip, and I could look for dough enhancer for my bread making while I was there. No bread enhancer–that’s the 3rd time I’ve been there and looked for it! The kids walked up and down every isle, to make sure they weren’t missing anything that they could possibly buy with their (well, MY) one dollar.

This is what they finally settled on:
Jenna picked Nerds and Peanut Butter M&M’s right off the bat. She never changed her mind, either. Good girl.
Natalie picked Pringles, after much deliberation.
Cole picked Strawberry-Kiwi Shasta after changing his mind about 28 times. He’s my worst one to make up his mind and keep it made up.
Megan picked Shasta Tiki Mist.
John was happy with the free cookie from the bakery!

So, that was our snack for FHE. How exciting is that?