The Trials of a Busy Mom


Here’s the best family picture we could get from all the shots taken at Julene’s wedding. John was cranky and feverish, as well as on cold medicine or advil most of the day, so he spent the day pretty much hanging on mommy. Oh well. But what cute kids!


Here’s a good one of all the Erickson grandkids with Julene. Notice how everyone is looking at…not the bride, but the cranky two year old. We took him out for the next picture, which turned out cute.


Here’s my favorite of Italo and Julene.

Of course if you want to see ALL the pictures ad nauseum, just click here.


  1. Mel

    Poor John. But those are cute pictures!

  2. Amy

    Paige, I think your family picture is really cute, but you look awesome! You look really thin. How come I haven’t noticed you’ve been losing a lot of weight?

  3. christina

    You look so good!!!!

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