Last night, we were driving home from rehearsal, and when we get to the park-n-ride, I’m searching in my purse for my keys. Nothing new, since keys tend to gravitate to the bottom of the purse. I’m searching and removing everything from the purse, “Could you turn the light on, please”, and still can’t find them. Maranda, my carpool buddy is just waiting patiently for me to get my act together and get out of her car so she can go home and go to bed. I decide to peek into my car in case I accidentally left them there.

Yep, there they are, hanging in the ignition. Duh! I have seriously NEVER done this before. I’ve never run out of gas, and I’ve never (at least that I can remember in my feeble aging mind) locked my keys in the car. I’m “responsible” in that area. Not any more, I guess.

So, after a quick phone call to Ryan, he came down to the parking lot (10 minutes from home) leaving *gasp* the kids asleep at home to unlock my car for me.

Duh. Big fat Duh.

My only reasoning is that I was very tired, and got to the parking lot about 5 minutes early, because I had to get a babysitter, and since she was already there, I escaped out of the house a few minutes earlier than I usually do. So, when I got there, I just reclined the seat a bit and closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth and silence of the car (while avoiding creepy guy who was parked across from me). When Maranda pulled up, I collected my purse and got out, locking the car as I got out. I just didn’t take my keys out of the ignition.

So, now I can add that to my list of OOPS moments. What’s your biggest OOPS moment this week?