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Garage sale

I’m all for dickering over the price at a garage sale, sure. But when the seller gets down to their lowest price of almost giving it away (let’s say $1.00) and then you insult them by asking them to go even lower, that’s not cool.

Or when you gather up a bunch of baby clothes that looks like about 7-8 outfits and then ask if you can take this armful for $5, it’s NOT ok to be also hiding four pairs of little baby shoes that were clearly marked $1 each INSIDE the bundle of baby clothes.

But other that that, we had a pretty decent yard sale. I sold all the “big” items I wanted to get rid of, such as the little tykes car, a couple of bikes, a double jogging stroller and a ride on pedal car. I also sold a fair amount of games, toys, and clothes, and the cinnamon rolls went over very well, too.

Of course my kids had to also BUY from the garage sale, and they ended up with a bike for Cole (he paid for his himself, so who am I to complain) and a couch for Cole (yes, seriously! He wanted this little couch up in his room! I had to haul it up the stairs with him, of course, because Ryan gets kind of whiny when we bring things home from garage sales and then ask him to do our heavy lifting), OObies slippers for Natalie, some clothes for the girls, a yoyo and a bear for John, and four gallon bags filled with legos.

But, that’s an entire truckload of stuff that is gone from the house, gone from the garage, and we made a little bit of cash from it. Is it worth it? To give up a Saturday sweating and getting sunburned, and the many hours sorting and purging? Hardly. But it has to be done. And as long as you have your garage sale with a couple of friends, it hardly seems as miserable as it is.


  1. i’ve done one garage sale and will never do one again.

  2. Hauling things off to D.I. is SO MUCH EASIER.

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