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A Threesome of things

(1) Mother’s Day
by Natalie Erickson

M others are great.
Only one mother.
Today is Mother’s Day.
Her hair is beautiful.
Everyone loves her.
Really cool.
She makes me dinner.
Does the laundry.
And we love…

Sweet, isn’t it?

(2) Yesterday we spent almost 3 hours in the dentist’s office. That’s the last time I schedule everyone’s appointments all on the same afternoon.

(3) Grey’s Anatomy (not Accademy, like our local newscaster said on Sunday) is over. Now I’m sad that it’s over for the whole season. I guess I’ll have to go out and get a life. But for today I’ll probably be thinking about it all day. What will Merideth do? Choose cute Finn, or keep ruining her life by loving Derrick? And is Izzie really leaving the program forever? Will Burke get use of his hand back? And what about George and that very masculine Callie? Are they a permanent thing? Oh the questions……

(And Ryan will be quick to point out to you that we’ve had three barbeques in three days!)


  1. Janice H. Johnson

    May 16, 2006 at 8:16 am

    Merideth and Derrick have to be together–Finn is darling but come on, it’s Derrick! And, Izzie won’t really be leaving–it can’t be. I dreamed about that episode all last night

  2. Merideth and Derrick are both yucky. I lost all respect for them last night. Boo Hoo, get over it. We all have to make choices in life, move on! I’m still in shock over Denny. Did you see how the actor was so still while Izzy threw a fit all over him, his adams apple didn’t even move. That’s what I cann great acting. Do you really think Callie is too masculine, she looks like a swimmer to me. I’d trade her bodies any day!

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