Why must we ruin a great vacation by coming home? Not that home is bad, but the drive was oh-so-long (did it in one day), and now I’ve got a whole bunch of bags to haul in, a whole bunch of laundry to do, email to read, phone messages to return, blogs to read, blogs to post (such a trial, I know!), groceries to buy, and a house to clean up. But, that’s what real life (not vacation) consists of, right?

We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed Disneyland! The Grand Californian is indeed Grand, and even though I felt kind of like an imposter staying there ($350 a night to start?! –eek!) or some kind of white Utah trash, we loved the hotel and had a fun time.

I’ll leave you with a few photos, with more to come!

Here’s the whole lot of us, and here we are again with Winnie the Pooh.


and here are the kids–they were “tired” after a long day of riding rides. ha!