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Upon checking into the Comfort Inn here in Anaheim, she asked if I’d like to upgrade to a kid-suite for an extra $20 a night. UH-HUH! I’ve just spent about a million hours in the car with the yahoos driving from St. Geoge to Anaheim today, with at least an extra hour for some kind of unexplained traffic jam. I think a kid suite sounds like a Fantastic Idea! So, now I’m sitting on MY queen bed, and Ryan is sitting on HIS queen bed, and all the kids are in their own little room with bunkbeds watching their own TV. Cool! The kids may not all sleep in there, but for the moment, it’s nice and quiet.

bunk bed

Yesterday we drove to St. George after the kids got home from school, and arrived at the hotel about 8:00, with enough time to swim in the outdoor pool for a bit, then we had the kids shower, eat some sandwiches, and get ready for bed. We tried to put three kids in a bed, but they kept kicking, pushing and complaining, so Cole ended up spending the night on the floor — he didn’t mind so much.

We plan to get up early and hit the parks tomorrow, so if I’m not too exhausted I’ll blog it then.

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  1. Grandma Coleman

    May 23, 2006 at 7:00 pm

    As usual, your blog comments were pretty funny! I read from 5/18 back to 5/8. How can you be so clever all the time??? Love you, Mom

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