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Things on my list not to forget to take on our trip to Disneyland

-earplugs (all those kids breathing keep me awake!)
-pillow and blanket for the small boy (so hopefully he’ll go to sleep in the strange hotel rooms)
-sunscreen! (“It’s gonna be hot in my big silver pot..” Can you name the Disney reference?)
-autograph books for the kids to meet and greet the Disney characters
-the unofficial guide to Disneyland (see if we can hit all the attractions like the book says)
-good walking shoes
-back-up good walking shoes
-bandaids for blisters and skinned knees
-a headband for those bad hair days
-possibly a hat for those even badder hair days
-cough syrup (why are all my children coughing this morning? AAAGG!
-tylenol (for the headaches)
-movies for the car
-benadryl (for those coughs and runny noses–and sleeping)
-massive amounts of snacks
-the phone
-the cooler full of drinks, water bottles, etc.
-the credit card and large amounts of cash (for our cough-cough “free trip!”)

anything else? I hope not, but let me know if I’ve forgotten some vital something.

I’ve packed 6 people’s bags so far, and I’ll probably pack the 7th, too. Then we need to make sure everything fits in the car, which shouldn’t be a problem since we are taking the large gas guzzler of a vehicle.

So, if there are no blogs from Disneyland (who are we kidding? Ryan will of course be taking his laptop, and I’ll probably post about 100 pictures), wish us luck and fun, and have yourselves a great weekend!

p.s. 0h, and Bells on Temple Square (minus me) will be on Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday in case you want to see a small blurb of bells.

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  1. It is from The Little Mermaid!!!

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