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Happy Father’s Day!

A local radio station sponsored a Father’s Day Contest, where you write an entry about the father in your life, and they will honor the winners with a day at Lagoon on the Saturday before Father’s day. Well, of COURSE I entered. But then I forgot about it. I mean, that was all the way last week that I entered, so I wasn’t thinking about it. Imagine my delight when Scot from Kosy called me and told me that they had picked my entry, and we would be getting Lagoon passes for the entire family. They are even including food vouchers good at certain venders in the park, and there’s a little meet-n-greet for the winners and thier families where there will be drawings for MORE prizes, such as DVDs, Lagoon passports, etc. WOW!

When I told Ryan about it, he asked what I had written about him, lies? Of course not! Just your general schmooze, suck-up letter. I’m pretty good at schmoozing and sucking up when I need to! So, here it is, my entry (all of it’s true, by the way) about my wonderful husband and the father of my children–Ryan.

Ryan is the best husband, father and friend you will ever hope to meet. He loves his children, and has never been afraid to change diapers, bathe kids, or hold babies. In fact, he LOVEs babies and will always find a cute baby at church or family events to hold. He’s great with the kids! He plays with them, teaches them, and reads to them. He’s not the best at doing little girls’ hair, but if necessary he will do his best with a lopsided ponytail.

He’s a great problem solver, especially when it comes to computers. It seems he’s always got someone’s computer over here to debug, dejunk, and speed up their harddrive. At one time we had three extra computers on the floor waiting for him to look at them. He never charges for his services, but does it to be kind.

Ryan also likes to do electrical wiring, and has helped numerous people do wiring for their houses. There is never a charge for his services, except maybe dinner if you offer to feed him while he’s at your house working. He has an affinity for phones, even though he doesn’t really like to talk on them, and can always help you put in another phone jack if you need one.

We have an 85 year old neighbor from a previous neighborhood who calls frequently with computer questions. She tells me all the time what a lifesaver he is in helping her get her computer back to work so she can do her family history. The kids love to go with him to her house (she always gives them cookies), and what a good example of service he is. What would she do without Ryan?

Ryan is also a wonderful son to his parents. He is always available to help them with electrical, computer problems or other fix it jobs. He’s equally handy and helpful to his in-laws, who love him like their own son.

Ryan has always supported our family so that Mom can stay home with the kids, and he is great at supporting all of us in our activities. I recently was in a concert and he brought all five kids (even the two year old) to come to Mom’s concert.

What a lucky girl I am to have such a fabulous husband! We all love him, and would love to honor him at your Lagoon Father’s day Party.


  1. Grandma Coleman

    June 17, 2006 at 9:12 am

    Well, your entry about Ryan sounds really good. And it all sounds true to me, too. I guess he liked it. How wonderful to win so many things. That means you are at Lagoon today. Gee, we’re just going to serve at a sacred site – that’s all!


  2. Good job Paige!

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