We didn’t end up going to Lagoon on Saturday, since we found out the passes are good for ANY day this season.

We DID go up to “family night” at camp Maple Dell. We saw Cole and the other dirty campers, saw some skits, heard some songs, and a nice patriotic program. And Cole came home safe and sound on Saturday. He accomplished 4 merit badges, which I’m proud of, but I know he could have done more. He didn’t pass his swimming test, and blames it on the very cold lake water. I feel kind of responsible that Cole doens’t have any athletic abilities. His parents are not athletic, and I guess we’ve passed that along to him. We’ve got to get out and be more active as a family so he’s not so timid in those situations.

Saturday was dance recital day for the girls, and they did their best. Very cute! Jenna loved her frilly red and white polka dot dress (think Minnie Mouse) and both she and Natalie did great. Even though it was long (an hour and a half), John did quite well sitting through it (thanks to the water bottle I had in my purse). He even watched a lot of the dances, and enjoyed the movie-theater seats there at the Junior High School.

Sunday we had a lovely Father’s Day, and Ryan even enjoyed his presents. The kids (well, me) made him breakfast in bed, and then we had pork ribs for dinner (his choice).

This week is a week to get the laundry tackled, get things organized, and get everyone packed for our trip!