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Why I love my church calling

I teach Relief Society now. It’s really the calling that everyone should have once in their lives, becuase it’s a GREAT calling. In fact, it’s probably my favorite right after primary music leader. I’ve been lucky enough to have this calling at least three times (really, I haven’t been given that much variety in church callings, and I’m ok with that). Some people say how nervous they would be if they had to get in front of people, but think about it-by the time the songs and announcements and all that stuff is over, it’s only about 25 minutes that you get to teach, and there’s always more material than that. And you’re up in front of friends who want you to succeed, right? I gave an awesome lesson yesterday on living with faith. I don’t mean to brag, but it really turned out great! I had a little bit of everything–treats, small group time, testimonies from three sisters who had awesome testimonies of faith promoting experiences and really brought in the spirit. And when it’s over, everyone comes and tells you what a great job you did. Although that embarrasses me just a tiny bit, it’s great to get immediate positive feedback! It makes me feel…special.

(updated to add)
Oh, and did I add that there’s nobody to have meetings with, no correlation, nobody in your face. You just do the calling by yourself without relying on anybody else


  1. I loved teaching Relief Society! You’re with a supportive group of women, the lessons are great and you only have to do it once a month. Oh, and no weekly meetings. What could be better??!!!

  2. Just rub it in why don’t you! I will invite you to a meeting if you really feel left out.

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