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I took my kids to the Zoo yesterday, and…

****Interruption from you, the reader—What? Are you CRAZY? You took your kids to the Zoo in this heat?! Didn’t you just take your kids to Lagoon last week?! Are your kids the most spoiled kids on the face of the planet?!***********

….um, yes, yes, yes, and mabye not the most spoiled, but Hey! I can explain if you just give me a minute ok?

***OK, explain****

Well, my friend and I were going to take our kids to the Hollywood Connection, which if you haven’t heard of it is this little indoor amusement park type place in West Valley. They have a Monday special that’s $4 for 4 hours. We thought we could go there, let our little rugrats ride the merry-go-round and bumper cars to their hearts’ contents, then play mini golf with them and chat and have a nice activity indoors. You can’t beat the price, either. It is way out there in West Valley by the E Center, but we figured it was worth the drive. Anyway, when we got there the parking lot was empty, and we wondered what the deal was. So, we checked the front door and checked the hours. They open at 3:30pm. What? What good does that do us? So, we discussed our options, and she suggested the Zoo. So, off to the zoo we went.

If I had planned on going to the zoo, I would have worn better shoes and not have worn black pants. I also wouldn’t have let Natalie wear black pants. I DID have the stroller and I HAD packed a lunch, so we were ok there, but I had taken the sunscreen out of the diaper bag and I didn’t have hats for my kids. So I wasn’t quite as prepared as I usually would have been, but we still had a fun time. It did get too hot, but we found shade and managed. It was fun to be there with a friend, and I bought the yearly pass, so if you ever get the notion to go to the Zoo (in the fall, ok?) with your small kids, call me up and we can meet there.

So, I think we’re about done with the fun field trips for the summer. Although I’ve got “read-a-thon” on my summer fun calendar, and I’m not quite sure what that will be. Any ideas how to have a neighborhood read-a-thon?

Oh, and here’s a few pictures of our fun in the sun at the zoo:

Here’s Megan (and her friend Emily’s legs) in front of the tigers-her favorite.

The kids always have to climb on this Rhino statue, even though it’s really hot in the sun.

Do you remember getting a drink from the lion fountain when you were a kid? Always a must for a zoo trip, and I’m glad that some things stay the same.

And this slide (or one like it) has been there forever, too. John loved it.

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  1. Ahhh, the zoo–my how it has changed for the better. If they ever get rid of that drinking fountain, I think I will surely wonder what this world is coming to. What? No lion fountain at the Zoo? That is like no Mickey at Disneyland! Even though the water tastes disgusting out of the infamous fountain, it is a must when you visit the zoo.

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