It’s good to have my parents back in the state. So far we’ve had them over to dinner, and they went to the Motab Concert with Ryan and the two oldest kids on Saturday night. They say they saw me, and that I was smiling (always a good thing when you are in front of 19 thousand people–eek!) Ryan’s working on getting their computer working and is waiting patiently for his payment of chicken enchiladas (he’s so hard to please, that one).

This is the week to get organized. Back to School Night is tonight. I have the poster done, at least–thanks for Chet for whipping that up for me (Michelle and Chet were our fabulous dinner guests last night, and we had a delightful time with them!) I have to “work the crowd” and hopefully get people to sign up to help with Reflections. Cole starts school tomorrow, although I’ve just learned that they took away our neighborhood’s bus stop. So, add “call the transportation office to my list today.” The girls start school on Wednesday, and I’ve got to organize the neighborhood “breakfast at the bus stop”, I guess. But what is most important to me is figuring out a specific schedule of when everyone needs to be up, practice the piano, and read scriptures. If we don’t get it right on the first week, it’ll never happen. So, wish me luck in my organizing!