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Some stuff for a Saturday

Didn’t win the car. Darn. I have to keep a positive attitude and know that if I keep trying, one of these times it will be my turn and I will win one. We had fun, though. My dear friend Robin is in town, and she came with me to the car winning thing, and they always let people put their names in to draw out for the extra keys, so she got a key, too. So, there we were, me, Robin and Ryan’s brother Kyle. We compared our keys, which looked exactly the same, and realized that it wasn’t really possible that any of us had the winning key. As they were going through the numbers, they weren’t even 10 people in and a girl won the car. Good for her. It would have been better for me, but I’ll try to keep the bitterness to myself.


Last night I went out with my greatest friends in the world. We laughed, we ate, we shared stories of ex-husbands, twins, jail, meth busts, birthday parties, and accidental shootings. Seriously. My life is blissfully boring in comparison. But OH, I love those ladies. They are the best, and I don’t know where I would be without their friendship and fun all these years.


This week, our fun friends from Arizona are here. They wanted a touch of winter for their spring break, and we are happy to have them. We’ll go and bother them there when it’s our spring break, so all’s fair. My kids are so thrilled to have them here. Mom eases up on the rules and the jobs and stuff, and they get to play and play all day. Yes, it will be hard on them when they have to go to SCHOOL on Monday and their friends do not, but oh, well. Today they’ve spent record time playing the x-box. It will be a fun week together, I’m sure.


This week I organized and pulled off a large scale cooking event. I and 10 other ladies got together with our chicken and a few other ingredients, and we each came away with 6 chicken dishes to freeze and use later. Since I’m in the RS presidency, I suggested the idea, and I therefore, was in charge of it. I divided up the ingredients, made assignments, bought a bunch of stuff, cooked a whole bunch of chicken, and organized the troops. It was honestly a WHOLE LOT OF WORK. But the ladies seemed to
a- have a good time
b-were happy to go home with so much food prepared
c-hopefully saved some money by buying in bulk.

Tonight for dinner I pulled out the chicken and broccoli, cooked up the noodles, heated the chicken and broccoli through, and there was dinner! I just had to have some fruit and veggies to go with it, and it fed 9 of us, with enough leftovers for one lunch. And it was easy and fast.

The event did not go without a few hiccups, of course. One of which was WHEN I LOST MY CHICKEN. Seriously! I had five cups of shredded chicken in a ziplock bag, as well as four grilled and sliced chicken breasts, and I COULD. NOT. FIND. IT. I kept wandering around the kitchen looking at everyone’s chicken, asking whose it was. I knew I had brought the chicken, I had showed it my friend. She had seen it and was my witness. So, I just made three of my chicken dishes without the chicken. Yes, I did. I knew it would show up SOMETIME. Preferably before the night was over. I was kind of stressed out at this point, hoping everything went well, and I’m sure my frazzledness didn’t help. We did run out of the manicotti stuffing, and our sauce for the artichoke chicken bake didn’t set up, but other that those things, I think it was a good event. I’ll have to ask people if they thought it was worth it, and maybe we’ll do it again for those people who weren’t able to come that night. I did have one friend tell me they want to do it again, and this time with hamburger recipes.

Maybe I can get her to organize it.


  1. No car?! That’s it, I can’t be friends with you anymore. 🙂

  2. See you guys soon! Do you still need help organizing your office? I could sneak away from SLC?

  3. Drat! But, you are right..someday that car will be yours. and, we will dance for joy and say ‘she EARNED it!’

    Glad you are having such fun with friends … good, good stuff 🙂

  4. I was thinking at one time that we might do something like that, but I didn’t want to be the one to organize it. Now that I’ve heard about yours, I still don’t want to organize it.

  5. Did you ever find your chicken??

  6. Yes, I want to know about the chicken too!

    You are so blessed, Paige, to win so much – I’m sure a car is in your future!

  7. I DID find the chicken at the end of the night. I just brought it back home and put it in the freezer.

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