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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Hello Bus! Goodbye children!

We had our little “breakfast at the bus-stop” this morning, and it was very low key. Muffins, juice, sweet rolls, grapes, and lots of excited kids with new clothes and backpacks. When the bus came (thank goodness my elementary kids still HAVE a bus), the girls climbed happily aboard, ready to start the journey that is 5th grade and 2nd grade, with barely a backwards glance at mom.

The beginning of the school year is always exciting, both for the kids and for the moms. The kids, even though they won’t admit it, are glad to get back into a routine. They are glad to see their friends again, and glad to get away from the siblings and mother who have been pestering them all summer.

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m glad to see them go. All the bickering and whining and the I’m boreds and the “you always make us do jobs”s are getting a little old, and I’d like to be able to clean the kitchen floor and have it stay clean for 6-7 hours (I said I’d LIKE to, not that it will). But on the other hand, I’m sad to see summer ending. We’ve had a lot of fun this summer, and I think we’ve really made the most of it, with lots of trips to the library and the park and the zoo and fun things. They also spent a week away from us when we went to NY, and that was a nice break for everyone. But I’m sad to see it end. We could have done more, we could have had more fun experiences, more memories, more pictures. I also dread the extreme business that comes with the school year. Three soccer practices a week and two or three games a week will not be fun. Piano lessons times 3. Band, choir, dance lessons and recitals, plus homework and the nagging that comes with that. Kindergarten field trips and PTA stuff. Oh, Calgon–be prepared to take me away.

But the good news is that Cole said his first day of 7th grade (they start a day before those mean and nasty 8th and 9th graders) was (and I quote): “Great!” That’s about all the information I got from him, but I’ll be happy with that much.

So are YOU ready for school to start?


  1. We have almost completed our 4th week of school and so far so good. I don’t know what I would have done if our summer had lasted any longer. 🙂 Enjoy your peace

  2. As I was reading this, two of my five were having yet another argument… so YES I’m ready. 🙂

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