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I won’t be going to this play anytime soon

I had an awful dream last night. In a nutshell, we were going to see a play with the kids–Beauty and the Beast, I think it was. We got some food before it started (there was a little food court like thing in the lobby) and as soon as Ryan got the food to the table, three of the children needed to go to the bathroom. Since they were all girls who needed to go, I took them. I followed a little sign that said bathrooms, and went down some stairs, around some corners, and back up some stairs. Then I asked somebody. Where in the world is the bathroom? Then the place turned into some strange indoor amusement park type thing (underneath the theater?) and I had to climb around rides all while trying to find the bathroom. I asked everyone I could–where is the bathroom? They all pointed me in different directions, and I never did find the bathroom. After walking through a gift shop and having a guy think I was stealing stuff and still trying to find the bathroom, we wandered backstage. The show was starting! And here I was with the kids still needing to pee, no bathroom in sight, and frustrated out of my mind. I started screaming…. WHERE IS THE FLIPPING BATHROOM!?

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  1. You gotta love the potty dreams!

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