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1st day of Kindergarten

me and natalie

This picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d post it. It was taken one day when the hair was just right.

john with mittens

John has spent a lot of time screaming and throwing things lately. I don’t know if he misses people, or if just having Jenna here all day is bothering him. He gets to go to a playgroup in the park today, and go meet his new preschool teacher later on today, so hopefully that will make him feel special and he can stop the tantrums.


Jenna starts Kindergarten today. She is so excited. I’m just sad that another one of my children is getting old enough to go to school. I know she will have a great time, and I know that John and I need some time without her here (lots of fighting lately), but do they have to all grow up? I don’t want any more children, I really don’t have the skills or the patience to deal with a huge amount of children like my sister, who just had her 8th. I just want to recycle one of them. Maybe we can start over and do the whole baby thing again instead of Junior High. Sigh. Maybe we all feel this way when the kids start new thing and leave their parents. It’s called “letting go”–just a little.

I remember Kindergarten. We had “naps” on our mats–was school longer then? We also had graham crackers and milk that was kind of warm. That was the year Brian J broke his arm in some kind of garage door incident. Tina was in my class, and Michelle. I felt very grown up. I wonder if it was hard on our moms when we left.

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  1. I think my mom cheered on my first day of school, like I did with Tommy. I don’t think Michelle went to our school, didn’t she get bussed to that school down the hill??? I thought all Apple Valley kids did.

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