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Spell that!

I was just quizzing Natalie on her spelling words.
back, here, come, make, went and will
She whipped through those like nobody’s business, so I just gave her some more.
Spell “envelope” (we had just been licking envelopes, by the way). She spelled it.
Spell “toilet” (I’m just thinking of things I need to do, obviously). She spelled it right. Got to come up with something harder. Ok. Spell “Swashbucklers”. That’s not a word, Mom, she said. Yes, it is. It’s a pirate word. Go ahead–spell it. s-w-a-s-h-b-u-c-k-l-e-r-s. Amazing! Spell “Refrigerator”. She spelled it right! Ok, she may have said E instead of O at the end, but if she got it wrong, I didn’t catch it. Sign this kid up for the spelling bee. She’s in 2nd grade!

I was not blessed with the spelling gene, and have to spell check everything. Ryan is a great speller. Me, not so much. There’s no spell check on this blog, so you’ll notice I misspell words frequently–unless Ryan goes in and edits things for me, that is (thanks, Ryan). I didn’t score 100% on my spelling tests as a kid, although I do know how to study and memorize, so I didn’t do terribly.

What are you kids’ spelling words this week?

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  1. We haven’t had to start that yet, thank goodness.

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