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Some stuff we’ve been doing lately

I don’t think I’ve blogged about some of my recent painting projects. How irresponsible of me!

I have been wanting to paint the kids’ bathroom for quite some time, and this year I finally got to it.

First we painted the walls green. And by “We” I mean mostly “Me”, although I let the kids have a turn painting if they wanted to.

Once I had the base coat right, I tried a process called “Smooshing”, which is done with a mix of glaze and paint and plastic. While the paint/glaze is wet, you lay plastic ( used garbage bags that I opened up) on the painted area, then you kind of move the bag around a bit, or smoosh it. It’s actually kind of fun, but I found myself getting paint ALL over myself.

When you peel that plastic off, it leaves this effect.

I don’t know how anyone gets good pictures in a bathroom, I tell you. But I’ll do my best. I also made curtains for the windows (we’ve been in this house almost 9 years and can you believe I have NEVER put curtains up in this room? Shameless, I tell you!) and fancied up a shower curtain.

I had some beach decor stuff sitting around waiting for a place to live, and I thought they would work well, so those went on the walls.

When it was done, I LOVED it. I love the effect, and I want to find an excuse to do that again in some other room. Sorry the color looks different in each picture. That’s what you get when you take pictures at all different times of the day.

Now I’m itching to repaint the main floor. Not change the color (at least not yet), but just to make the old tired paint look fresh and new. But that will have to wait until school gets out.


  1. I thought it looked really cool!!!

  2. If you keep this up you may turn into an interior decorator. It looks really good!!!

  3. I love how cheery the curtains are. What a happy place to fight over the sink! (Oh, I’m sure they don’t do that at your house, do they?)

  4. love the whole beach theme! I wish I could just start painting like you. One of these days I may get brave enough.

  5. Smooshing. Love it! I want SOOO badly to paint my bathroom. Maybe I’ll get my “round to it” one of these days!

  6. It looks even better in person. Great job!

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